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HIT Model Productivity Pack

Upgrade Your Experience

The Open Source HIT Model is a great foundation. Take your game to the next level and further boost your productivity!

I Took My Productivity to Another Level When…

…I expanded my original model by customizing it to my work flow.

First, I created a few additional inputs in the Input Wizard.

Then, I changed the colors to fit the branding that I was looking for.

Finally, I modified the Deal Summary page to fit the needs of my investors.

The financial model kept evolving to become the cornerstone of my underwriting, closing, and operational transition system. I can drop in as much or as little detail that I need to make a decision to move from one underwriting step to the next.

More importantly, it’s so simple to use that I can pass off the front-end data entry to an analyst or virtual assistant without fear that my cash flow model will be corrupted because inputs, model, and output are all separate.

Many companies sell financial models like the HIT Model for $600 or more, and it is totally worth the price. But that puts up an imposing barrier to building a community of hoteliers that want to help each other grow.

No doubt, the HIT Model is great by itself, but…

…I’d like to share the most interesting upgrades with you….

I Wanted to Jump Around the Input Wizard Quicker

So I created clickable table of contents and added shortcut keys.

This small change saves me time jumping from page to page, but it also allows me to look like a wiz when presenting the deal to my colleagues and investors.

The reality is that it’s not too difficult to make this change.

You just need a working knowledge of VBA and a little bit of time to Google the right solution.

It took me 30 minutes to find the solution and another half hour to implement. However, I save at least that much in time and frustration every week because of this small change.

You could probably find someone on to build this functionality for $75. Pre-built, I would probably sell this upgrade for $50. Still, I’m in this to create raving fans, so I decided to throw it into the Productivity Pack.

I wasn’t done customizing, though. Read on to see what else I added to boost my productivity…

I Need to Solve for My Investors’ Target Return

But, once my pro forma operating projections and renovation budget are locked in, there are only a few inputs left to change.

So I built another little tool to adjust the purchase price until I reach my target return.

You simply set the target returns – IRR, Multiple, Profit, or Cash-on-Cash – and hit Go!

The purchase price solver takes it from there. From anywhere on the Input Wizard. After the smallest change to your assumptions. Just recalculate.

We all know that seller price guidance is not set in stone. You may stretch to win a deal every now and then. However, the best way to get through a lot of deals quickly is to build financial models on your terms and deviate very rarely.

Again, this is a simple tool that an analyst or contract programmer could build in a few days. I would even sell it for $75 by itself. Still, it just fits so nicely in the Productivity Pack that I couldn’t resist including it.

No doubt, this Purchase Price Solver and the Input Wizard Shortcuts are nice to have, but the next one will really make your head spin…

I Hated Entering STAR Data

These reports have a dozen pages with all the same information repeated in different formats. It’s all good stuff, especially for operators, but I only needed a handful of data points.

I thought, “there’s gotta be a better way.”

So I built one…

Of course, I created a macro that opens the STAR, extracts the information that I need for the model, and fills in all the relevant fields. Not just that, I took it a step further by adding a Google search link that let’s you quickly jump into research mode.

The macro takes a few seconds to do everything, but it saves valuable minutes in the data entry phase. If you’ve outsourced data entry to an analyst or virtual assistant, that time is easily quantified. If you’re doing all the work yourself, enjoy the extra time and reduced frustration of window-switching and cross-referencing.

I’ve never seen anything like this, and I would easily charge $125 for this plugin. Still, I consider this the crown jewel of the Productivity Pack.

Does it justify the cost? Of course!

Does it create raving fans? Guaranteed…

Now that you have an idea of what’s included, let’s talk about cost…

I Would Pay an Analyst a Fortune to Build this Functionality

nd it took me more than 7 years to get to this point…

…but I know that I’m not making my fortune on the HIT Model. I’m building a community of hoteliers that help each other grow.

I challenge you to scour the internet for a hotel underwriting model with the features of the HIT Model by itself for less than $600. Now, you already have it… in your inbox… for FREE!

The HIT Model will take your business to another level, and this tiny upgrade will be an absolute breakthrough!

Let’s review what’s included in the HIT Model Productivity Pack:

  • Input Wizard Shortcuts ($50 Value)
  • Purchase Price Solver ($75 Value)
  • STAR Importer ($125 Value)
  • HIT Model ($600 Value) + Productivity Pack ($250 Value) = $850 Value

Obviously, I wouldn’t expect you to pay $850 for this. You already have the core model in your inbox.

I also know that many people would happily pay $250 for the Productivity Pack.

But I won’t build the community that will change the culture by putting up big barriers. So…

…You can download the Productivity Pack instantly for just $150.

You read that right — a 40% discount if you act now.

Bonus: HIT Quick Evaluation Sheet Import

The Quick Evaluation Worksheet (QEW) is one of my favorite tools on Hotel Investor Toolbox. It has everything you need to get an answer fast.

As you know, you need to look at dozens of deals to find the ONE that makes sense to spend more time on.

My Quick Evaluation Worksheet makes that process easier by limiting your evaluation to a handful of inputs that you can get in a phone call with a broker. You have an answer in 15 minutes about whether to move forward or move on.

Why would you enter this information more than once?

I asked myself that same question…

… and then I built a tool to fix that problem.

A tool that takes you from a phone call to a decision is worth hundreds in productivity gains. An extension to include that tool with a complete underwriting system amplifies those gains exponentially.

The one-click Quick Evaluation Worksheet Importer makes it easy for you to load all your basic data ONCE.

I’ll even include the QEW in the Productivity Pack download so you don’t have to look for it.

You can already tell that this has tremendous value. Custom building a tool like this would cost a pretty penny, and I would easily sell it for $150 alone.

The QEW is a critical part of the HIT Model ecosystem, though.

So… I’ll included as part of the Productivity Pack for FREE.

Bonus: Partnership Waterfall

Every great real estate empire was built on the back of OPM – other people’s money.

The security of real estate allows people to use enormous amount of leverage compared to other investments. In many cases, the deal sponsor doesn’t put a single penny into the deal and earns her share through hard work and good networking.

You need experience, a rich network, and a variety of legal documents to do a deal with partners. However, a solid financial model is a good starting point.

I cut my teeth on partnership waterfalls with some of the biggest private equity companies in the world. This education was extended with formal and informal discovery. My Partnership Waterfall was put through the ringer.

You can easily spend $500 on a course to learn about building an investment waterfall. I know because I did.

Also, other companies charge an additional $300 to upgrade their models to include the waterfall.

This piece is the key to so much wealth and success that it would be malpractice not to include it in the Productivity Pack.

Your Productivity is My Mission

Let’s do a quick analysis.

Assume your time is worth $100 per hour (~$200,000 per year @ 2,000 hours per year)…

Next, assume you underwrite 100 deals per year, and each one takes an hour…

This means you spend $10,000 of your valuable time per year underwriting hotel deals

Imagine you could save a modest 10 minutes on each deal…

That’s 1,000 minutes… 17 hours… or $1,700 per year!!

Of course, your time doesn’t translate directly into dollars in your pocket, but… what could you do with another 17 hours (2+ working days) per year?

Make another 60 phone calls? Interview another 35 potential employees? Have lunch with another 17 potential investors?

What is that worth to you?

It’s probably priceless…

I’m sure you agree that the Productivity Pack is a gift at just $150.

  • Input Wizard Shortcuts ($50 Value)
  • Purchase Price Solver ($75 Value)
  • STAR Importer ($125 Value)
  • Bonus #1: QEW Importer ($150 Value)
  • Bonus #2: Partnership Waterfall ($300 Value)
  • HIT Model + Productivity Pack + Bonuses = $1,300 Value

I’ll give you all of this for only $150 if you act now!

You read that right… The entire Productivity Pack PLUS the QEW Importer and Partnership Waterfall bonuses for a 79% discount off their value.

Order Today to take advantage of this offer.

One More Thing Before You Go…

People already think I’m crazy for open sourcing my model. They probably think I’m completely off my rocker for giving away the farm like this…

But, still… I want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase.

You will be given instant access to the HIT Model, Productivity Pack, and Bonuses after you place your order.

If you decide within the first 60 days of using it that you haven’t seen any productivity improvements, I’ll refund your purchase with no questions asked.

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