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HIT Model

The Only Open Source Hotel Underwriting Tool

The Free HIT Model helps you evaluate deals like the pros. Build your hotel investment business on solid ground with this flexible, fully unlocked, and institutional-grade model.

Your Hotel Investment Toolbox is Incomplete…

…without a financial model that quickly and effectively drives high-quality investment decisions.

The HIT Model represents the knowledge and skills accumulated over the better part of a decade evaluating institutional-grade hotel investments.

Your financial model is the the cornerstone of a robust underwriting, closing, and operational transition system.

Your ability to underwrite and win more deals stems from the speed to drop in as much or as little detail as you need to make a decision to move from one underwriting step to the next. In a competitive market, speed to decision is your greatest advantage.

The HIT Model is so simple to use that you can pass off the front-end data entry to an analyst or virtual assistant without fear that your cash flow model will be corrupted. This is because inputs, model, and output are all separate.

Many companies sell financial models like the HIT Model for $600 or more, and it is totally worth the price. But that puts up an imposing barrier to building a community of hoteliers that want to help each other grow.

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