Real estate investing is difficult and stressful. Still, there are very few limitations to achieving your dreams once you have the requisite knowledge to get there. Your mental models are often the biggest impediment. Therefore, accessing your dreams is as simple as developing the mindset of an all-star investor.

This series of articles introduces you to the six most important investor traits and dives deep into how to develop them in yourself. The order flows from very important to critically important, but feel free to consume out of order.

You’ll find that you already possess many of the traits that influence the mindset of an all-star investor. Focus on self-exploration to shore up your weak points and further enhance your strengths.


6 Traits of an All-Star Investor

Values and mindset drive success. These traits of the most successful investors allow anybody to become a legend. They are essential for long-term success.


Why Curiosity Matters More Than Intelligence

Trait: Curious

Curiosity matters more than intelligence when it comes to creatively piecing a deal together. It drives people to do incredible things that shape history.


How Visionary Leaders Define Their Mission

Trait: Visionary

Visionary leaders use communication and action to make their dreams a reality. Their ability seems superhuman, but it is readily accessible by anyone.


The Easiest Way to Strengthen Your Analytical Skills

Trait: Analytical

Strengthen your analytical skills to quickly review and pursue more hotel investment deals. A simple approach separates input, processing, and output.


Honor and Integrity are Different – Why That Matters

Trait: Honorable

Honor and integrity are distinctly different concepts that drive unique behaviors. The historical “honor” contains nuances that are of utmost importance.


The Science of Overcoming Fear

Trait: Courageous

Courage emerges from the routine practice of overcoming fear to do the things you know will bring you closer to your goals.


How Rituals and Routines Help You Achieve More

Trait: Persistent

Successful professionals position themselves with smart work to achieve more. Persistence is the defining factor that multiplies the impact of that work.