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Hospitality investments have the potential to deliver great risk-adjusted returns. Plus, they’re one of the only assets that you can truly experience with family and friends.


What We Look For

In a Great Investment

Prime Street Corner

Great hospitality investments start with irreplaceable locations

Diverse Demand Drivers

Demand diversity in close proximity to the asset for added stability

Supply Constraints

Economic and government barriers to protect long-term value

Premium Brand

Robust distribution creates consistent revenue production

Multiple Value Enhancers

Seek creative ways to enhance property and operational value

Stable Capital Structure

Capital structures that deliver on all stakeholder expectations

Opportunistic Approach

We approach each investment opportunity with a fresh perspective to find the most creative ways to extract value from the asset. Our holistic approach accounts for four areas of value enhancement:

  1. Property Condition
  2. Operational Situation
  3. Capital Structure
  4. Contract Positioning

We believe that a business plan accounting for each of these areas has a better chance of success than putting all our energy behind a single strategy. Additionally, we seek opportunities associated with special situations that our competitors may overlook. These could include distressed situations or those with lack of immediate clarity for the asset’s future.

Overall Investment Criteria:

  • Growth Markets in Southeast and Southwest United States
  • Value-Add from Operations, Renovations, or Restructuring
  • New Construction in High-Barrier-to-Entry Markets
  • Middle Market Focus ($10-40 Million Total Capitalization)

Hotel Investment Criteria:

  • Full Service, Select Service, Extended Stay
  • 85+ rooms
  • Premium Brands

Retail Investment Criteria:

  • Quick Service and Casual Dining Restaurants
  • Future-Focused Brands
  • Strong and Growing Operators

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