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The Only Open Source Hotel Underwriting Model

The HIT Model was Designed to Boost Your Productivity and Improve the Accuracy of Your Investment Decisions… Allowing You to Underwrite and Win More Deals!

  • Customize the model to meet the unique needs of your organization (it’s fully unlocked, which allows you to add worksheets, re-purpose different sections, and modify standard features)
  • Model real life scenarios with a robust monthly cash flow model that sits safely behind the scenes and out of reach of analysts in training and virtual assistants
  • Accelerate data entry with a sophisticated input wizard that lets you to hand off low-value front-end tasks so that you can focus on fine tuning of hot deals (TIP: Hire a virtual assistant from Fiverr or some other outsourcing service to process deals quicker)
  • Impress your investment partners and lenders with a high-quality, institutional-grade financial model to leave no stone unturned

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“Real estate investing is a numbers game. The quicker you can clear your desk, the faster you can get to the deals that really matter. The HIT Model gives you a competitive advantage by getting you to a good decision quickly whether it’s a 50-room select service hotel or a resort with 500 rooms and multiple food & beverage outlets.”

John Wijtenburg, Founder of HIT Advisory, LLC

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