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Amplify Your Hotel Investment Success in 5 Days

This Free 5-Day Course was Created to Help You Accelerate Your Way Up the Learning Curve to Source, Evaluate, and Invest In More Private Placement Hotel Deals… Setting You Up for Long-Term Wealth Creation Using Hotel Investments!

  • Learn the fundamentals of why you should invest in commercial real estate (there are loads of tax benefits, and you can realize higher returns than parking your money in the bank)
  • Identify and mitigate the risks associated with commercial real estate (CRE) investments to a consistent stream of high-quality deal flow
  • Impress your investors and colleagues with your accelerated progress from beginner to experienced hotel investor by learning the most important reasons to invest in hotel real estate
  • Build efficient systems to find and close deals with ease (TIP: Use the various tools around Hotel Investor Toolbox to enhance and streamline most of the processes involved)

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“Hospitality real estate is a highly risky and capital intensive asset class. Adequate preparation is essential when preparing to make your first investment. This course gives you the confidence to get into the hotel investing game with strategies and tactics developed over the better part of a decade of institutional hotel investing.”

John Wijtenburg, Founder of HIT Advisory, LLC

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