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The Only Open Source Hotel Underwriting Model

Every investor and every deal is different. The HIT Model offers a complete underwriting workflow with multiple capitalization options and real-life cash flow modeling. It is distributed as an open source project under the MIT License and is a fully unlocked Excel file to share with employees and investors. This powerful, feature rich tool has the strength to model even your most complicated deals right out of the box.

The HIT Model was built from the ground up to be the premier tool for evaluating hotel deals. The intuitive and flexible design make this the most important tool in the Hotel Investor Toolbox.

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Download the Quick Evaluation Worksheet

Download the Quick Evaluation Worksheet

The Quick Evaluation Worksheet is a critical tool in optimizing your underwriting work flow. This worksheet will give you a rough idea of the potential profitability and investment return using high level assumptions from the seller.

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Download the 5 Business Hacks Cheat Sheet

Download the 5 Business Hacks Cheat Sheet

These 5 Business Hacks cheat sheet will help you identify holes in your game and strengthen your business to build a more robust, institutional-quality acquisitions pipeline.

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Download the Pipeline Gameboard

Download the Pipeline Gameboard

The Pipeline Gameboard is a tool for tracking your deals, including critical next steps, basic financial metrics, and deal contact information. This tool will give keep you on top of each deal to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

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